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Magnesium in Our Food

The amount of Magnesium in our food has been massively reduced in the last 50 years.  This is partially because of the increasing practice of monoculture and overfertilization which is depleting the soil that plants grow in, and partially because of the increased processing of foods.

Muscle Cramps


1. No More Night time muscle cramps

A 51-Year-old woman suffered from nightly muscle cramps, although she had been taking magnesium as a dietary supplement for years. Treatment of the affected leg muscle cramps by massaging in magnesium oil brought immediate relief and no return of the cramps the same night. After that, the woman began to use magnesium oil before bed each night, and there has been no return of the muscle cramps.

 2. Marked Reduction in Muscle Cramps
Despite taking magnesium orally, a 21-year-old professional volleyball player often had muscle cramps. To address this, after every practice and every game, magnesium gel was rubbed into the muscles (by the physical therapist).  With few exceptions, the muscle cramps were eliminated.

 3. No More Aching Muscles
An Athletic 74-year-old woman who loved hiking in the mountains was offer beset by painfully sore muscles afterwards, so bad that she could hardly move. Now that she has begun takin a magnesium bath after each hike, she has no more muscle soreness.

 4. Fast Recovery after exercise
A 37-year-old cyclist complained of massive cramping in his legs as well as tight muscles in his neck and shoulders. After massaging the cramped legs with magnesium oil, his muscles relaxed immediately.  After massaging his neck and shoulders with magnesium gel, he was likewise relieved of any muscle pain

 5. Successful treatment of abdominal tightening and nightly calf muscle cramps
A 34-years-old woman was in her 7th month of pregnancy. Several times a day her belly would tighten painfully.  Almost every night she suffered from foot cramps.  This patient refused to take magnesium orally because of the nausea it caused.  To deal with her symptoms, topical magnesium was prescribed.  Each time her belly tightened, the patient immediately massaged in magnesium oil, which relaxed the cramp.  In addition, she rubbed her feet and calves with magnesium oil every morning and evening.  After two weeks, all symptoms had disappeared.

 6. No More Menstrual Cramps
A 32-year-old woman had on the first two days of every menstrual cycle massive menstrual discomfort, with wrenching, cramp-like pain in her lower abdomen and around her tailbone. Rubbing magnesium oil on the affected areas brought immediate relief.  Later, she rubbed magnesium oil on her arms and shoulders every day and took a full magnesium bath once a week.  She is now free of all symptoms.

1. Migraines Vastly Improved

A 43-year-old woman had suffered for more than 10 years from migraines, which occurred on average four times per month. Attacks were accompanied by typical symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, and a depressed mood, and lasted 2-3 days.  She was unable to work and could only lay in a darkened room.  She was prescribed Sumatriptan which did work well at first.   After some time, however, she had to take an increasingly higher dose to get the same effect.   Serious side effects such as heart complaints and nausea set in at the same time.  The patient refused oral magnesium because she did not tolerate it well.

As a Results, external magnesium was tried in order to minimize the symptoms. Morning and evening, magnesium oil was rubbed in to the arms and shoulders.  After only two weeks of treatment, the patient felt better. The migraines were only about half the strength of before the treatment, and were noticeably shorter.  The following weeks, the situation improved even more.  She only had migraines on average every six weeks, and they were short and less intense, so that the patient was able to work again.

 2. Burn-out syndrome nipped in the bud, joint pain improved

A 53-year-old patient had burn-out syndrome that manifested in insomnia, total exhaustion, fatigue, headache, and depression. The patient also complained of muscle and joint pain and shoulder-neck syndrome.  She also, in addition, had colitis ulcerosa, a chronically inflamed infection of the large intestine, that is accompanied by serious diarrhoea and which makes the absorption of magnesium through the intestine practically impossible.  After 5 weeks of magnesium treatment, she was so improved that she was almost, symptom-free.  The tiredness, insomnia and headaches had disappeared and even her mood was improved.  Her muscle and joint pain has improved since then and the feet and hands and longer fall asleep.

3. No More Problems with sleep onset insomnia or sleeping through the night

A 68 year old man has been rubbing magnesium oil evenings to ward off nightly cramps in his legs. A nice side effect he has noticed that not only are his nightly cramps gone, but his sleep onset insomnia and he has no problems sleeping through the night.

4. Stabilized Blood pressure

A 48 year old man, slightly overweight, but otherwise healthy, was found to have high blood pressure (160/110). The second, diastolic rate was particularly permanently elevated.  Before putting the man on classic blood pressure regulating medication, it was decided to try to stabilize his blood pressure with magnesium.  The patient was recommended to try rubbing magnesium oil mornings and evenings into his skin, and to take a magnesium bath twice a week, in the evening.  After two weeks of the following this advice regularly, his blood pressure was back in the normal range (140/80).

5. Open Wound on a Diabetic Foot heals

A 62 year old insulin dependent diabetes patient complained of a deep, open wound on the inside of her foot that had not healed in four months. The  patient was recommended to take a daily magnesium foot bath in a 3 percent solution of magnesium chloride.  The wound shrank week by week and after a month was almost completely healed.

6. Improved Arthritis

A 58 year old pharmacist complained of pain in the knee from an existing arthritis. The normal creams and gels had brought the patient no relief from her symptoms.  The patient rubbed magnesium oil in to her knee daily.  After a week, she had real relief from the pain, and after two further weeks she had practically no more symptoms.

7. Neurodermatitis Symptoms Improved

A 38 Year old neurodermatitis patient had extremely dry, itchy skin and inflamed eczema, especially inside the elbows and under knees. A full magnesium bath was recommended to her.   It was recommended she take a full magnesium bath at least  3 times a week, each time using 2 kg (4.4 lbs. us) of magnesium flakes.  The bathwater should be about body temperature or comfortably warm, but not feel hot.  Each bath should last 20 minutes. Even after the first bath, the patient reported a reduction in itchiness.  In the following weeks, her skin regenerated itself more and more.  The eczem was nearly healed, it itch was completely gone, and her skin make a smooth, well-cared-for impression.  As a positive side-effect, the patient sleep problems were also cured.

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