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Reasons for Magnesium Deficiency

There can be many different reason for magnesium deficiency.  In general, however, we can determine 3 possible categories of reasons: either we don’t take in enough magnesium in our diet; or the magnesium we consume is not absorbed effectively or in sufficient amounts; or we excrete too much magnesium via our kidneys, intestines and skin.


  1. Twitching of the eyelids and corners of the mouth
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Cramps, problems with digestion
  4. Depression, mood swings
  5. Circulatory problems
  6. Distortions in sensation (cold, warm)
  7. Sensitivity to noise (intense)
  8. Blood pressure problems (racing pulse, disruption in rhythm)
  9. Restlessness irritability, nervousness, confusion
  10. Cold feet and hands
  11. Headaches, migraines
  12. Problems with periods
  13. Muscle cramps (Especially in the legs)
  14. PMS
  15. Back and Neck Pain
  16. Increased need for sleep
  17. Insomnia
  18. Exhaustion, tiredness
  19. A feeling of Weakness
  20. Dizziness
  21. Shaking, feeling of numbness, tingling in the hands and feet
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