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Magnesium is known as a mineral for “inner peace” and also as the “power mineral”

No other vital substance makes us resilient to stress and calms our nervous system while simultaneously providing us with endurance and energy as magnesium.

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“Every chemical reaction in our body, from temperature regulation to cell formation, depends on enzymes. Magnesium is an activator and component of over 300 enzymes responsible for metabolising carbohydrates and proteins, and is thus the most important metabolic manager of our cells. Magnesium regulates the transmission of stimuli to muscles and nerves, thereby ensuring problem-free functioning of our entire muscle apparatus. ”

Magnesium and Metabolism

The more magnesium is available, the better the function of our inner power structure – the mitochondria – which produce energy in the form of ATP. ATP (adenotriphosphate) are tiny energy storage molecules in the body that release energy when splitting. Energy production in the muscles and the heart is really only at its best if magnesium is present. Professional athletes know this: It is impossible to win a competition without additional magnesium. More magnesium allows athletes to run faster, maintain their energy for longer and recover more quickly.

Magnesium and Energy Generation